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The Handpancalender
About the calendar

With this monthly calendar we want to accompany you on your handpan journey through the year with fascinating interior photos of handpans and inspiring impulses:

To make you marvel at the beauty of this unique instrument. Inspire you with impulses around your practice and to new ways of seeing and thinking. Invite you to keep your music making alive. Encourage you to follow your creativity more and more freely and independently. Motivate you to create your very own music and generously share it with others.



We - that's Nera and Cora.

Enthusiastic handpan players.

Photographer and handpan educator.

Retouching expert and musician.

Artist and author.

Lovers of sound and nature.


Life optimists.

Out of the desire to combine our expertise effectively, our cocreation "CONNECTED ARTS" was born.

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Cora Krötz

Musician and author

Trained at the Mozarteum/Salzburg, Cora Krötz taught piano, percussion, handpan and (overtone) singing in her own music school »MusikErleben« near Munich for over 25 years and led the benefit choir »Chorazon« for 20 years. In 2019 she published the first German-language textbook »Handpan spielend lernen« and focused on handpan lessons online and offline. She is the author of several online courses and gives live classes throughout Germany.

As a sound artist she gives solo concerts at home and abroad with handpans, sound instruments and overtone singing.

As a soprano she sings in the ensemble »WIR4 - A Cappella mit Hang zu Obertönen«.

Sandra Nera Martens

Photo artist

Directly after graduating as a photo designer, Nera Martens started her own business as a photographer. At the same time, she intensified her photographic art and developed a unique style through her own macro and lighting techniques, which has been published in numerous productions and exhibitions.

As a retouching expert she is responsible for the postproduction for high-end photo shoots, mainly from the automotive industry.

With her "portrait walk" she also offers a very individual and gentle photo shooting format, in which particularly authentic portraits are created through movement, conversation and being together.

Twelve artfully designed calendar pages accompany you through your handpan year.
The Handpancalender
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